10-30 - 10-30 Notes Characteristics of Classes Upper Upper...

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10-30 Notes Characteristics of Classes - Upper Upper (UU) - Lower Upper (LU) o The upper classes do not, can not contain athletes, entertainers o Does not work for their money o The upper classes contain people with high educations, obtaining money with respectable positions Bill Gates, considered Upper Middle because he did not finish college, however, his children could be considered lower upper and if his grandchildren, contain themselves and act well, they could get into the upper upper Paris Hilton, upper upper because of how old the money is, but because of her behavior her class status is questioned A Child of a upper upper, their profession can make their class fall Women who marry a man in a high class, rise up; men who marry a higher class woman, the woman would fall to his class - Upper Middle (UP) o Not typical American living o Very important class for education o Most arrived there from lesser class origins o Social Mobility : the rising and falling in classes A Doctor’s child who does not become a doctor, falls in social mobility o Social stratification o Still very rich and well off o The people in upper middle are in this class because their occupation is higher than that of their parents o Fragile wealth Success class Considered fragile because of debt How much of wonderful, wealthy things are actually paid off? o Rich vs wealthy o Leadership class o House In the middle of nowhere Expensive things, not very well decorated Entrance foryer Off to the right, is living room that no one lives in
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More square footage than they need More bedrooms than needed o Children normally have SUV’s safety o Play the right card game Now it is poker Used to be bridge o Has the highest percentage of Binge drinkers Why? All is a very fragile world, kids receive the largest amount
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10-30 - 10-30 Notes Characteristics of Classes Upper Upper...

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