10-23 - 10/23/07 Final – Dec 7 th-Book reports and movie...

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Unformatted text preview: 10/23/07 Final – Dec 7 th-Book reports and movie review due Book – actually a reaction paper, 3 pages long- 1 st half, what the book is about- 2 nd half, your reaction o Does it have anything to do with class, your experiences, etc- 2 book reports = A Movies – same- 6 movie reviews = A *Will have class Tuesday before thanksgiving The first few notes of Beethoven’s 5 th symphony are the symbol of victory Milton Eisenhower – brother of Dwight D Eisenhower; during WW II was commander of forces in Europe Video Clips-Propaganda: education at its broadest view Portrayed Japanese Americans as voluntarily moving to concentration camps, etc Fat guns Taxes defeat the axis Socioeconomic States Knowing a child’s socioeconomic state will enable a person to predict their iq, how much education a child will receive, what type of school they will go to, college get into, determine the success and failure of a child A social class: groups of people with similar with respect to how much money they have, how much education they have, sort of home they live in, sort of religious experience they enjoy, lifestyle, music, cars, decorations, food they eat- They become a subculture within a community- Easy to pick out Marvelous predictor of behavior – knowing someone’s social class can predict several things-If you know someone is in the upper-middle class- You know their aspirations for children, their home, their cars, their education, how they voted, clothing All society’s have social class stratification...
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10-23 - 10/23/07 Final – Dec 7 th-Book reports and movie...

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