9-05 - Lecture Three:The Pentateuch Introduction to...

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Unformatted text preview: 9-05-07Lecture Three:The Pentateuch: Introduction to ScholarshipI.Pre-modern Scholarshipa.The TANAK in Judaismi.The importance of Scripture1.first bonified religion of the book2.not always a written text3.use to be a religion of sacrifice and prayer4.Roman empire took over Palistine5.3.5 year war; 66 CE ending in 70 CE6.Religion began focusing on tradition, the written word became important7.about 150 years after Jesus death, most agreed which books were sacred8.Temple was never rebuilt; never a return to the sacrificial system9.Sacred traditions were what mattered, 24 sacred books10. Moses was thought to have written the Pentateucha.Living in 1250 BCEii.Occasional Critical Observations1.What Moses could nothave writtena.Deut 34 Moses death and burialb.No one knows where he is buried2.What Moses would not have writtena.Numbers 12:# Now the man, Moses, was very humble, more so than anyone else on the face of the earth.b.No claim that Moses actually wrote the whole thingc.Was not originated in the realm of Judiasm started in christian scholarsb.The Old Testament in Christianityi.Early Christological Interpretations1.based on the life and teaching of Jesus of Nazerith2.Most Jews did not believe that Jesus was the Messiaha.The dispute had to do with passages of scriptureb.Jesus was/was not predicted by prophetsc.Isaiah 53 someone who suffers for the transgressions of otheri.i....
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9-05 - Lecture Three:The Pentateuch Introduction to...

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