10-09 - 10/09/07 Movie about education system in poor and...

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10/09/07 Movie – about education system in poor and rich areas, fair or not fair - Florio: took over and he was very conservative - Wittman: took over in the 90’s - Currently Camden, New jersey has come back and has improved, not as bad as it was 18 years ago but it has improved Religion in school - Not currently controversial - Every one is completely free to say any prayer anytime, any place, any school - Conservative religious speakers like to use the religion bait in order to get people angry - Unks prays Psalms 19:14 before every class - We are comfortable with our own prayers o The further we get away from our own prayer, the more uncomfortable we become - You cannot be forced to say somebody else’s prayer o That is against the law - The Bill of Rights o 1 st sentence deals with religion: Congress shall establish no religion Means that the US has no state church No church that receives money directly from the government England has a central church/religion However the government has not given money to the church in about 8 or 9 years Still on the coins, DGR on the coin o DGR (DF): latin dias gradia regina (by the grace of god queen) the defender of religion Sweden also has a state religion Lutheran More hindu’s than Lutherans 2 nd part of bill of rights says: no prevent the free exercise thereof Makes saying your own prayer wherever and whenever legal Cannot be prosecuted by the government for believing or not believing Establishment clause: Congress shall establish no relgion Free exercise clause: nor prevent the free exercise thereof
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o Cases Thursday afternoon, various religious leaders come to school and use their classrooms All religions are being represented Begins at 1:30 on a Thursday Not forced to go to a room, no religion goes to library or what not ILLEGAL – the state is providing religious organization for equipments and usage and presumes that everyone wants to have a religious experience at
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10-09 - 10/09/07 Movie about education system in poor and...

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