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Camron Li POLS 3020 November 1, 2017 Sir Thomas More and Machiavelli were both great philosophers and authors of their time. The ideas they possessed regarding the ruling of a nation had the potential to create and lead efficient, functioning empires. This paper will touch on how a prince or sovereign should rule his land through the perspectives of Machiavelli and More. The advice these authors provided to princes and magistrates will be examined. First Machiavelli will be analysed then More’s ideals will follow. Through this analysis, the similarities of their beliefs and ideals will be revealed regarding their advice to the sovereign. To begin, in order to understand how Machiavelli approached the prince in proposing advice, it is important to know how the prince should be viewed by his governing empire. As mentioned by Machiavelli, “a prince must guard himself against being despised and hated” (Machiavelli 130). If a prince is hated and despised by the people he rules, then the people will not follow his leadership as who wants to follow someone they are not fond of. Additionally, Machiavelli also notes that, “every prince must desire to be considered merciful and not cruel” (Machiavelli 130). Even though a prince should be merciful, a limit should be adhered to. If too much mercy exists, then the prince’s power may not have a lasting effect on the population. Society would not fear the consequences laid out in law. To continue, the existence of fearing the prince is better as opposed to loving him. This is shown to be true as Machiavelli states, “love is held together by a chain of obligation which… is broken on every occasion in which their own self interest is concerned” (Machiavelli 131). In Machiavelli’s perspective, Men are self absorbed beings, because of this the Prince must understand that if he is loved too amply he will definitely be taken advantage of. All in all, the prince must strive to be feared but not hated in order to govern the population most effectively. Now that a clear image exists on how the prince should be portrayed to the population, Machiavelli’s advice to the prince will be analyzed.
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