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IAT test.docx - Debriefi ng The sorting test you just took...

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Unformatted text preview: Debriefi ng The sorting test you just took is called the lmpllclt Assoctatjon Test (IAT), You categorized good and bad words with Images ofOld People and Young People Here is your result: Your data suggest a moderate automatic preference for Young people over Old people. Your result Is described as an "Automatic preferenoe for Old People over Young People" if you were taster responding when Old People and Good are assigned to the same response key than when Young People and Goodwere classified with the same key, Your score is described as an "Automatic preference for Young People over Old People" if the opposite occurred, Your automatic preference may be described as “slight", "moderate", "strong'fl or "no preference", This indimtes the strength of your automatic preference, The IAT requires a certain number ot‘correct responses in order to get results, lf you made too many errors while completing the test you will get the feedback that there were too many errors to determine a result Note that your IAT result is based only on the categorization task and not on the questions that you answered. ...
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