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2.28.08 notes - 2/28/08 clar notes - What is happening in...

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Unformatted text preview: 2/28/08 clar notes - What is happening in the ubaid and uruk periods that leads to the foundation of cities in the Mesopotamian area (?) paper purpose Aegean/ Minoan Crete- Palaces established, last down to around 1400 BCthe center of the city; a mysterious thing we dont know how they functioned - Cnossos by far the largest palaces; 2 other palaces have been found near that site, completely confusing our notion that palaces are the centers of city-states (but also in Phastos, Malia, Kydonia, etc) o Each of these palaces dont seem to be occupied in chronological sequence (?) o Biggest palace has smallest territory/smallest palace appears to be wealthiest confusing o Function ceremonial (center courtopen space, not roofedwest court suggests public gatherings/ceremonies), storage economy (evidence for large-scale storage/ possibilityevidence for feasting, implements for consumption of food takes on form of fancy artifacts/cups, bowls, dining equipment, etc certain styles of dining equipment different in different areas of the palacereal fancy fine wares concentrate on inside of palace in inner rooms (in one of the palaces) and outside of those rooms in central and western courts are found a lot of mass-produced regular plain/crude-wares.so elite dining in inner rooms and general/public/accessible consumption in outside? Organized and segregated feasting Palaces seem to be related to royal sanctuary connection between palace and its territory that may be religious/ritual in character Cut blocks of stone [ ashlars ] always in places somewhat publicly visible/facades pillared halls...
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2.28.08 notes - 2/28/08 clar notes - What is happening in...

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