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2.12.08 clar notes - temple; like stele of the vultures o...

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2/12/08 - No questions about Egypt on test - First cities in world developed in Mesopotamia in (not in the fertile crescent – first non- sedentary agricultural communities, not cities) - Royal Tombs at Ur o Elaborate, extraordinary wealth - Wells: period that they go out of use usually indicates some sort of change - Image: 3 rows of people, animals – dedicated to a god, but how do we know? No image of gods… orant gesture- derived from judeo-christian iconology; open hands and open palms; a frequent gesture of Jesus Christ, as well – opening hands to receive god, or clasp them or hold some kind of vessel – gesture of supplication; recognizing power of divinity o Also, all people in image are bald, like priests o Scene of piety but also emphasizes glory of individual king and individual city – scene of violence/sacking/looting and bringing them into context of palace and
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Unformatted text preview: temple; like stele of the vultures o Object itself is a prestige good made of prestige goods for public display; becomes in itself an offering to a divinity -What is purpose of these tombs? What does this art tell us? o Long distance exchange (much more than even in Uruk period) Ancient Egypt-Desert: red land; alluvium: black land -Egypt became a territorial state very early, as early as 3000 BC; earliest completely urbanized territorial state to develop in the Mediterranean (or world, for that matter) very peculiar because seems to develop all of a sudden out of nowhere-Political unification that doesnt take the form of the local/city-states, but rather takes the form (as early as beginning of pre-dynastic phase) of territorial state...
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