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2/5/08 Midterm – will send out sample questions; only responsible for things covered in class; responsible for sites/ideas/concepts covered in class (Gates text covers a lot more than that, not responsible for those) - Multiple choice; overall concepts, not just factual questions Coursepack – basically, course notes (for first half, at least) Neolithic centers obviously played important economic roles in their regions Ur - Smaller than Uruk - Temple forms central focal point - Process of intensive irrigation in this environment b/c of irregular inundation leads to the destruction of the soil - Temenos – will be asked a/b on test – ‘(central)separate area or precinct’ that hosted the temples or other buildings – similar to downtown area - Polis – greek word for city-states - what does warfare do? Unifies people of the nation – acts as a catalyst for the strengthening of these local ties – not just competition between these cities for resources, but it’s the social aspect of warfare that brings them around more firmly;
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