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AVATAR A JOURNEY DEEPER into AVATAR Gretchen c Fluegel Keiser University 1
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AVATAR A JOURNEY DEEPER into AVATAR Jake Sully, a paralyzed former marine, is contacted about the untimely death of his twin brother, a scientist working on a project to obtain diplomacy on the alien planet of Pandora. A lush world where the Omaticaya tribe also called Na’vi dwell, appearing primitive although they are highly evolved. Due to the planets hostile environment, human/Na’vi hybrids are used to allow free movement on Pandora. These hybrids are called avatars, created to facilitate communication among the Na’vi. Using the avatar to regain mobility, Jake develops a connection with the Na’vi, soon finding himself in love with Neytiri the daughter of Olo’eyktan the clan leader. Torn between his duty and his growing love for Neytiri he discovers himself engaged in a battle for the survival of her world. While discussing cultural adaption encountered during Jakes adventure on Pandora, we will look at communication concepts of subculture, culture shock, language as a barrier, religion and identity. Giving the ability to understand and learn how to overcome controversy in cultural adaption. Considering a subculture is a complex society that is made up of a large number of groups in which people identify from a derived distinctive set of values and rules for behavior (Jandt2016). Jake catches a glimpse of subculture while being taught interactions of the Na’vi, he becomes versed in ways of generations, encompasses the culture and its values, commits to memory their behaviors and gestures.
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