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2.7.08 notes - 2.7.08 Clar notes things with holes in them...

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2.7.08 Clar notes things with holes in them from last class (votive?) – likely they were often near doorways o offerings to divinity but also emphasize role of the king o conical cup in their hand – drinking vessel but also libation base o not entirely sure whether the kings were actually priests but represented themselves as having managerial roles in the church…probably had administrative functions, etc – shows the power relationships between church and palace authorities – one’s relationship to the temple was paramount – articulated through these votive plaques self-aggrandizing for king but also expression of his piety expression of his largesse to the city, as well various degrees of dependence on palace/temple – temples funded by the proceeds that came from palace/states o temples and palaces in such close proximity/overlapping o look upon elites/families as big families or clans, use greek term ‘ oikos ’ meaning ‘house’ or ‘household’ – kinship corporate group o economy very fluid, not as rigid as oikos structure makes it out to be o Nanshe (?) – a lugal or king, of the city of Lagash – prominent and powerful Tablets, rectangular shape but rounded on top, looks like stone, blank except for places where images are still (looks like rest fell off) – will be one of the images on the test o Meant to be free-standing, two-sided, painted red o On one side in the upper two registers, seems to be a scene of military activity, on the other side, someone who looks like a king but is actually a God o Temple/human realm and divine realm o The Stili of Aunatum or Stili of the Vultures (spelling??!) o God holding club, long flowing beard, clasping eagle and lion-headed symbol of authority, holding a big bag of bodies (naked/bald = subordination) – victims of war/ defeated enemy shown naked/subordinate, but priests are also shown bald/naked (subordinate to deities) o Patron divinity of the city of Lagash – god of war
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2.7.08 notes - 2.7.08 Clar notes things with holes in them...

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