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Dashow 1 Sarah Dashow HI264 – Modern Asian History Gilmartin March 15, 2008 Khushwant Singh Train to Pakistan India in the mid-1900s was going through a civil war in the northern part of the country due to a split of major states into two smaller states. Specifically, the civil war was started when the Muslim League demanded their own state to house Muslims in order to gain the ability to have power over their own people since India’s Hindu majority would vote for the Indian National Congress in most other parts of the country. In the novel Train to Pakistan , Singh takes these historic events and isolates them to one particular neighborhood, Mano Majra, a small village in one of the more remote regions, isolating it from much of the early civil war. It is from this village-perspective that I believe Singh allows readers to experience not only the distinct differences in this event in one village as opposed to the whole country, it allows a different perspective giving a reader greater detail of how these events affected individual lives. In the beginning of the novel, the readers are introduced to a peaceful town with a daily routine that has not changed for years it seems. The people in the town were both Sikhs and Muslims, and they had managed to live in peace throughout all these years. From his description of the village, it is almost impossible to tell that anything else could be going on; the people talk of the civil war and deaths almost as if it were rumor as none of the villagers had ever seen it for themselves. Then a train comes through and drops off a stranger to the town, and at the same time, the head of the village is murdered. The chaos just begins to hit the small, isolated village of Mano Majra. Soon after, another train arrives late in the night; however, what is on the train is
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traintopakistan - Dashow 1 Sarah Dashow HI264 Modern Asian...

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