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Study Guide Exam 1 Fall 07

Study Guide Exam 1 Fall 07 - Ch 1 1 Define social...

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Ch 1 1. Define social psychology. Define social influence and state why it is of interest to social psychologists. The way peoples thoughs feelings or behaviors are influenced by the real or imagined presence of other people. 2. Define construals. Indicate why social psychologists study these rather than simply the objective environments of people. The way people perceive comprehend or interpret the social world / is more important than to understand the objective principals of the social world. 3. Indicate how the approach taken by social psychologists is different from that of philosophers and social commentators. Describe why the social psychological approach may lead to more accurate predictions about human behavior compared to the other approaches. Philosophers is based on logic social psy deals with same problems and ideas but from a scientic approach. Social commentors tend to under estimate the power of the social situation and rely on common sense. Many diciplines focus on social behavior economic sociology and poli sci however the biggest difference between these disiplines and social psy is the level of analysis. The level of analysis forsoc psy is the individual in the social context. 4. Compare and contrast how sociology, personality psychology, and social psychology attempt to understand and predict human behavior. Sociology / provides general laws and theories and laws about societies, not individuals = might study social class, structure institutions Social Psychology / studies the psychological processes people have in common that make the susceptible to social influence. (Studies the individual in societal context to find commonalities) Personality / Studies the characteristics that makes individuals different from one another 5. Identify the goals of sociology compared to those of social psychology. Goal of Sociology is to provide theories and laws about societies and societal structures. Goal of social psy is to identify universal properties of human nature that make everyone susceptible to social influence, regardless of class or culture. 6. Define the term individual differences. Identify the goals of personality psychology compared to those of social psychology.
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Ind. Differences = The aspects of peoples personalities that make them different from other people Personality psy focuses on individual differences when trying to explain social behavior Soc. Psy. = focuses on thing people have in common that make us all susceptible to social influence. 7. Define the term fundamental attribution error. Identify the consequences of making this error and underestimating the power of social influence. Fundamental attribution error is the tendency to overestimate the extent to which people’s behaviors are due to internal factors and underestimate situational or external factors.
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