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BS Press Release - Monsanto's progress in R&D pipeline...

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Monsanto’s progress in R&D pipeline attributed to partnership with Bioinformatics Solutions ST. LOUIS (Jan 10, 2007) After a two year relationship with Monsanto Company, Bioinformatics Solutions reports significant contribution to the success of the seed giant’s research and development program. Bioinformatics Solutions, the industry leader in specialized software for the agricultural biotechnology research community, explains that Monsanto Company was able to streamline their research efforts through customized software and data analysis developed over the past two years. In a recent press release Robert Fraley, Ph. D, chief technology officer and executive vice president for Monsanto, was quoted in saying “In the past two years, there has been positive movement in 70 percent of the projects in the pipeline. Of that advancement, almost half are from additions to the pipeline, reflecting the strength of our discovery engine and our collaborative efforts.(Monsanto, 2007)”
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