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Unformatted text preview: Social Psychology What is social psychology? Social Psychology & Commonsense Commonsense Hindsight bias Social Psychology The scientific study of the way that the thoughts, feelings, and actions of people are influenced by the real or imagined presence of other people. Social Psychology Sociology Social Psychology Personality Psychology Social Psychology Kurt Lewin's Field theory (1943): Behavior is a function of: Social Psychology How does social psychology differ from other social sciences and folk wisdom? Scientific Method Behavior=f(Person, Situation) The Situation Power of the Situation Fundamental Attribution Error Ross & Samuels, 1993 "WallStreet Game" Ross & Samuels, 1993 Behavior=f(Person, Situation) The Person Two Motives Why do we think and act the way we do? 1. 1. Need to feel good Need to be accurate SelfEsteem Approach Selfesteem: Strong need to see ourselves favorably SelfEsteem Approach Consequences of the need to feel good 1. 1. Justify Past Behavior SelfJustification Social Cognition Approach Social Cognition: Strong need to see the world accurately Social Cognition Approach Consequences of the need to be accurate Expectations get in the way Additional Motives Biological drives Psychological motives Need for control Etc... ...
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