Anceint Cities

Anceint Cities - each other and compete with each other....

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Ur- close alignment to the Euphrates river, parallel streams next to the river for irrigation and sending messages, expansion of agriculture. By 2500BC cities had expanded and were coming into contact with other cities. Peer Polity interaction - there were a number of cities emerging at the same time and same rate, oppositional and appositional interaction. Competition for resources, tried to interact with
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Unformatted text preview: each other and compete with each other. Teminas Wall- dividing wall, boundary wall of precinct Kings power largely came from relationships with priests and religion. Thick heavy woolen skirts indicates special status, as well as long beards Baldness indicates priest hood. Cupping of hands a gesture of prayer The solidness/ cylindrical appearance –shows the steadfastness and representation of the GOD...
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