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Mesopotamian Egyp2t

Mesopotamian Egyp2t - Mesopotamian Egypt Regardless of...

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Mesopotamian Egypt Regardless of political centralization the king as ruler as well as the king as god in the central idealized feature. The society seems undifferentiated in terms of a since of local identity Territorial state summarizes this area Tombs seem undifferentiated except some tombs may have more things and other tombs less depending on how poor or rich. Buried with many different kinds of vases and make up or personal adornment or even a sign of elite status to have make up palettes, usually positioned near the forehead Burials in the hole seem to be pointed south to the Nile and they face into the setting sun and western desert Burials start becoming bigger and more complex, an emergence of social status. Until the end of the period around 3000 we find truly royal cemeteries First royal cemetery in Upper Egypt in Abydos. Main elite cemetery for a larger region. Royal Burial expresses
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