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What type of changes occurred in Arabian society and religion with the advent of Islam? (To answer this question, first characterize pre-Islamic (jahiliyya) Arabian history.) Fighting between Byzantine and Sasanian o Constantinople, and Mesopotamia were formerly centers of civilization, religion and doctrine. These cities were the home to a variety of religions including Christianity, Judaism, and Zoroastrianism. Under Khusro II, Persia had become the financial giant of the Near East, extorting money from its richer neighbor, and plotting its conquer of Byzantium. o Arabs hired to protect border The Ghassanids were protecting Byzantium Lakhmids were shielding Ctesiphon. o The current wars of the Empires seemingly worked to the advantage of the Arabs However, their previous relations with the empires also gave them a sense of culture in which prophet Muhammad needed to spread his revelations.
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