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What were the founding principles of the first Muslim community (umma) in Medina? How does the “Covenant” reflect those principles? Founding principles of umma Act as one in defense of Muhammad and Medina against outsiders No clan would make a separate peace No one would aid Quraysh All disputes brought before Muhammad “Covenant between the Muslims and the Medinans and the Jews” Agreement with Jews and established with religion and property and reciprocal
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Unformatted text preview: obligations as follows: o They are one community to the exclusion of all men o Believers not to slay each other Especially because they aren’t Muslim o Theocracy “Whenever you differ about a matter it must be referred to G-d and to Muhammad” o Jews can have their own faith but must be loyal to Yathrib and need to help protect it o Don’t have to fight as long as considered loyal and don’t undermine Yathrib...
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