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As a historical document, what can the Qur’an tell us about Islam’s place in a continuum of monotheism, beginning with Judaism and Christianity? What are the basic similarities and which are the major differences? The Qur’an is a historical document because it draws some of its aspects from Judaism and Christianity. Can see this because in original texts Adam and Eve created from a single soul NOT from a rib says rib later In early texts not spoken to by a snake spoken to directly by the devil Similarities: Monotheistic G-d is creator; all-knowing and omnipotent Believe that prophet were responsible for at least some of religions holy book writing G-d has a unique relationship with people and makes covenants with them World will come to an end someday and no one knows when If sin or transgression occurs
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Unformatted text preview: G-d accepts apology • Ten commandments • Societies laws must be obeyed • Humans can be either good or evil • Children of Abraham Differences: • Muslims believe that Christ was not crucified/resurrected o Right before he died G-d put a figure that looked like him in his place and took Jesus up to Heaven • Judaism is based on the unique historical event of a divine revelation experienced by the entire nation o Whereas Islam is based on the prophetic claims of a single individual who subsequently convinced others to follow his ways. • Talmudic tradition says that while Abraham's son Isaac became the forefather of the Jewish people o Islamic line is descended from Abraham's other son Ishmael. • In Qur’an G-d speaks to Adam and Eve together...
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