MARS 1010L Summary Assignmnet

MARS 1010L Summary Assignmnet - Aaron Marshburn My ID:...

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Aaron Marshburn My ID: 8101837940 1:25 Lab Tuesday TA: Matt First MARS 1010L Summary Assignment Title: Where There’s Smoke, There’s Gold Authors: Rowe, Mark Source: Geographical ; Dec2006, Vol. 78 Issue 12, p70-74, 5p, 1 map, 2c, 1bw Although Scientists and men alike are captivated by the incredible deep sea vent communities, in recent years, another group has recognized vested interests in exploring vent areas in the deep sea: mining companies. Black smokers and other deep sea hydrothermal vents are present in all of the worlds oceans in areas of tectonic and volcanic activity. Although hydrothermal vents were discovered in 1977, it has only been recently that their biological and mineral importance has been recognized. Around 2,500 meters below the surface, hot water in excess of 350˚ Celsius spews a sulfide-rich mixture out from the cracks in the earths crust. When this water comes in contact with the cold bottom water (around 2˚ Celsius), the dissolved sulfides crystallize and form huge mineral rich chimneys that eventually collapse under their own weight to form crumpled mineral rich mounds on the ocean floor. InteTrestingly, such a hostile environment supports a thriving ecosystem that some scientists have perhaps overeagerly characterized as the ocean’s rainforests. Scientists, generally find upwards of 100 interconnected species, living off of energy created from chemosynthesis. Because of the toxic conditions, extremes of temperature and pressure, and absence of sunlight,
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MARS 1010L Summary Assignmnet - Aaron Marshburn My ID:...

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