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Unformatted text preview: MARS 1010 Lecture 1 20/08/2007 10:23:00 ← The earth: Solid surface, atmosphere, water in three phases, a biosphere Big Bang: If the universe is finite then it should be collapsing inward under the forces of gravity. The big bang provides the outward force to overcome the gravitational forces working to pull everything back together. Scientific Method: Observations, Paradox, Hypothesis, Collect data, Alles Klar?, Fine tuning and modifications, continue to observe and keep track of assumptions. There is no scientific proof, just support for a hypothesis. Red shift: Stars moving away from earth produce a shift in the absorbed light frequencies towards the red side of the spectrum as opposed to blue. This processs doesn’t indicate a compositional shift but a Doppler like effect on the light moving away from us. Interestingly enough, the further a star is away from our solar system, the from us....
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