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Biol 1406Chapter 5: MacromoleculesPre-lecture quiz Monomers join together to make polymers using the __dehydration_____ reaction; while polymers break down into monomers using the ___hydrolysis_____ reaction. MacromoleculeWith things to know Monomers withexamplesPolymers with examplesFunctions in the livingsystemsName of the covalent bond (circle the correct answer) Carbohydratesglycogen, starch,cellulose, chitin Starch, Glycogen, chitin,celluloseEnergy source, providesstructural support Glycosidic; Peptide Ester; Phosphodiester LipidsSaturated,unsaturated, trans,triglyceride, vitamins,steroids, cholesterolCholesterol,unsaturated,saturated, trans,Vitamins, steroids,triglycerideImportant energy source, storage, thermal and electrical insulation in
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Unformatted text preview:animals, oils and waxes repel water, and prevents drying, component of cell membranes, signals hormones that travel through the body Glycosidic ; Peptide Ester; Phosphodiester Proteins hydrophobic & hydrophilic R group Amino acids, collagen Nucleic acids, hydrophobic & hydrophilic R group DNA structure, structural support, store amino acids, transport substances, cellular communications and movement, defense against foreign substances, receive Glycosidic ; Peptide Ester; Phosphodiester signals from outside cell Nucleic Acids Complementary base pairing 3 Parts of a monomer DNA and RNA Genetic material, stores all hereditary material, carries protein coding instructions Glycosidic ; Peptide Ester; Phosphodiester Page 2