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Biol 1406EnzymesPre-lecture Worksheet Complete the following assignment after watching the two animations on Blackboard. 1.Enzymes are __proteins_____. (name macromolecule group from previous chapter). 2.The energy needed for reactants to get converted to products is called _activation_____ energy. In living cells, this energy is provided by ____protein____ which serve as biological __catalyst_. 3.What do you think is the function of enzymes? Increase the rate of a reaction and to produce products 4.A molecule that binds to the enzyme is called ___substrate___. 5.The catalytic area on the enzyme to which the substrate binds is called __active__ __site__. 6.The 4 stages in the action of an enzyme are: a. substrate binding b. formation of the enzyme substrate complex c. product formation and dissociation d. enzyme recovery 7.The above process which describes enzyme activity is called the __induced_____fit_ model.
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Unformatted text preview:8. Molecules that decrease or stop enzyme activity are called ___inhibitors__, while molecules that maintain or increase enzyme activity are called _____inducers______. 9. A molecule that inhibits enzyme activity by binding to its active site is called a _competitive___ inhibitor; while a molecule that inhibits enzyme activity by binding to a site other than the active site is called a __noncompetitive____ inhibitor. 10. Enzymes are __specific______ (use specific or not specific) to the substrates they work on. 11. Enzymes ___can_____ (use can or cannot) be reused. 12. Extreme temperature, pH etc. cause the enzymes to __denature____. 13. Do you think products can be formed without enzyme? No 14. An entire metabolic pathway may be halted when an end product inhibits one of the early enzymes in the pathway. This type of inhibition is called _feed back _______ inhibition.