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MARS 1010 Marine Provinces

MARS 1010 Marine Provinces - during times of low sea level...

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MARS 1010 Marine Provinces 17/10/2007 10:16:00 Marine Provinces: Continental Shelf:  o grows wider by accumulating terrigenous sediment from the continent.  o They are widest at passive margins:  Over 30 % of our continental  shelf is in the arctic ocean. Continental Slope: Shelf break: the transition point (change in slope) between the continental  shelf and the continental slop Continental Rise: Submarine Canyons: Underwater river canyons often created by rivers cutting through shelves 
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Unformatted text preview: during times of low sea level. • Turbidity currents are usually triggered by earthquakes or unstable build up of sediments. o They can explain how Terrigenous sediment gets far out into the abyssal plains. ← ← The Deep Ocean: • 53% of the Earths Surface, and close to ¾ of the ocean’s surface. • Abyssal Plain: • Mid-ocean Ridge: • Fracture Zones: • Trenches • Abyssal Hills/Seamounts: ←...
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