EFND 2100 - Race paper

EFND 2100 - Race paper - Whitney Niles EFND 2100 Sept...

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Whitney Niles EFND 2100 Sept 2007 “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,” said Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This quote is one in which I wish ALL races could live by. Being an African American is tough because we are often classified as the minority, as a whole we are thought of as just another statistic, and there is some racial inequalities that are being faced today. I’ve witnessed and experienced many injustices in my life that once troubled me. I have overcame those encounters and counted my blessings henceforth because I realized that it could’ve been worse. Times have changed drastically and I hope that the racial encounters that I’ve faced will never be present again. The most recent racial experience I witnessed happened this past Friday (August 31, 2007). We were at the Georgia Dome to see the Falcons play one of their preseason games. Before the game started we were walking up the stairs in the stadium and a white man yelled out to us, “Michael Vick’s not playing tonight, why are ya’ll (referring to us black people) here and Marcus Vick will be here to play as some as he’s done smoking his blunt.” He also said, “Those Vick Jersey’s ya’ll have on, their gonna be selling em’ in orange in about a month (referring to Vick’s pending jail sentence and the orange jail suits).” At first we were like, who is this man
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EFND 2100 - Race paper - Whitney Niles EFND 2100 Sept...

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