ENGL paper 1 final draft

ENGL paper 1 final draft - Niles 1 Whitney Niles Professor...

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Niles 1 Whitney Niles Professor Howard ENGL 1102 January 2008 “The Implied Message- The Metamorphosis” “And the moral of the story is…. .” This quotation is what most audiences utter once they complete the reading of various accounts. The moral that the readers are searching for is usually referred to as the theme. A theme is a broad idea in a story, or a message or lesson conveyed by a work. The message is usually about life, society or human nature. Themes are never told directly in a story. No one really knows the moral or message of a story unless they critically analyze its plot. Occasionally, messages in stories are told but most artists go as far as implying the significance. In the short story, “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka , the two most obvious themes, alienation and lack of freedom are indirectly stated in the story’s outline. The main character Gregor Samsa dealt with different obstacles entwined with these themes. His only way to overcome them was through death. These two themes are the basis of how the short story developed through multiple scenes. The first theme, lack of freedom was first noticed before Gregor’s metamorphosis when he was constantly trapped at his job. Gregor was bound at his job because of past debts by his father to his boss. He was a traveling salesman that was always on the go. He never had time for his family or himself. He feels as though his only way to gain freedom is to pay off his father’s debts to his boss and then quit. When Gregor is not working, he is enslaved by his family at
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ENGL paper 1 final draft - Niles 1 Whitney Niles Professor...

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