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POLS 1101- paper 3

POLS 1101- paper 3 - Whitney Niles Matt Clary Group 2...

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Whitney Niles Matt Clary Group 2 February 2008 A controlled substance is generally a drug or chemical whose manufacture, possession, and use are regulated by a government. In this case, marijuana is considered a controlled substance because the government declares it a harmful and useless substance while the Cooperative thinks that it is needed for medical purposes. The higher elected officials declare that the decision of the Cooperative to issue marijuana for medical use violates the Controlled Substance Act; it states that the only legal use for marijuana is supposed to be for specified research purposes. The health and well being of citizens is of importance and therefore I believe it’s necessary to legalize the issuing of marijuana strictly for medical purposes. If marijuana cures medical concerns, then why not legalize it for health concerns? The government probably feels that if they allow marijuana to be on the medical market, citizens will find or make up any reason as to why they are using it. Patients may become addicted to it and may even start to
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