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Psychology 101

Psychology 101 - Psychology 101(1 Psychology is the science...

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Psychology 101 (1) Psychology is the science and systematic study of behavior and mental processes (cognition). It includes the investigation of the physiological processes underlying behavior and cognition. (2) Psychology also includes the art of using skills based on accumulated knowledge and wisdom to help people who are having problems in living. Seven Key Themes Psychology is empirical Psychology is theoretically diverse Psychology evolves in a socio-historical context Behavior is determined by multiple causes Our behavior is shaped by our cultural heritage Heredity and environment jointly influence behavior Our experience of the world is highly subjective. Developmental 24.6% Social 21.6% 67% are all clinical psychologists. January 15, 2008 1879 – Birthday of Psychology. Wilhelm Wundt (1832-1920) Germany Physiology + Philosophy = Psychology Wundt defined psychology as the scientific study of conscious experience.
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