3-3-2008 - Metaphor a What is my play like b Death of a...

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Drama 2000 3/3/08 Production Concept Assignment -Posted on WebCT -Due in breakout april 7 th -10% of total grade in DRAMA The Blue Room Drive Angry Precipice Directors Approach: -Transmitter? -Translator? -Auteur? Action Summary - bullet points of what happens throughout the play. “He talks to his wife.” “She makes a sandwich.” Exactly what happens in the play; organizes what is going on the stage and how it is going to be done. Directors Concept: Thematic or evocative Translator: Details of changes in setting/period and why Auteur: Details of high concept and rationale for concept Thesis statement (vs. topic): take a position. Adjectives: Brainstorming Hidden Secretive Suffocatin g Dank Repressed Floating Levels
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Image : -Art image -Not literal -Inspiration: visual aspect of the world of the play -Line, color, composition, energy, tone, atmosphere
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Unformatted text preview: Metaphor: a) What is my play like? b) Death of a Salesman: A Death Spiral c) the spiral of a life going from good to bad d) One sentence explaining the play She used: Dollhouse of Torture? Set Design: Ground Plan Birds Eye View Rendering of Set Design How realistic do you want it to be? What happens and what do you want on stage? Costumes:-What are they wearing-A couple of sentences-Sketchs/Rendering Cast of Characters:-Actors, famous people we would know-Think about their traits: height, size, voice, acting, etc-Detailed list of who plays what in the play and why-Think beyond the obvious…-What do I need for the best effect? Sounds/Music-any SFX -any type of music 3-ring binder or Folder Grading Criteria...
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3-3-2008 - Metaphor a What is my play like b Death of a...

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