3-17-2008 - Intelligent Lighting -Originally used in...

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Intelligent Lighting -Originally used in Repertory theatre -GOBO – throws images on stage (kinda like a projector) -- yolk based – bracket holds the projector on and can be moved -- mirror based – a lot cheaper, mirror throws the image. -lighting console – controls up to 500 channels of light Sets and Props (showed a picture of the forest and daisies) What does it make you think? In Europe: Scenographers (you are the one who does the set, lights, costumes, etc) 1. Coordinate with director, lighting and set designer, and dance/fight choreographer 2. Create a usable interesting space/properties Decide on an “ism” Realism Expressionism Symbolism Futurism Surrealism Post-Modernism o “Selective realism” Research -Like costume design, research into time period is important, even if you don’t stick to it. Set design or scenic design -creates a space for actors to play Everything is walkable Tables, desks, and chairs do create levels -pushes the drama by adding obstacles
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3-17-2008 - Intelligent Lighting -Originally used in...

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