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ASE 211 Homework 8 Due: In class, Wednesday, March 30th. 1. Given the data points (1,2), (2,5), (3,6), (4,5) and (5,6). (a) Construct, by hand, the piecewise linear interpolant of the data, and give the value of the interpolant at x = 2 . 5 and x = 4 . 5 . (b) Determine, by hand, the matrix problem for finding the coeffi- cients of the Lagrange polynomial interpolant. Use matlab to solve the linear system and find the polynomial coefficients. De-
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Unformatted text preview: termine the value of the polynomial at x = 2 . 5 and x = 4 . 5 . 2. Write the matlab code Lagrange.m which computes the coecients of the Lagrange polynomial, as discussed in class. Use the matlab code Plotpoly.m which plots the polynomial and it is available for download in the Assignments folder on BlackBoard . Test your code on the data in problem 1. 3. Use your m-le to solve problem A8.5 in the book....
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