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Unformatted text preview: ASE 211 - Homework 12 Due: in class, Wednesday, May 4th. 1. Write a matlab m-file which implements the Simpson's rule. Test your code by showing that it computes the following integral exactly: 2 0 (x3 + 3x2 - 2x + 3) dx = 14. 2. Next, generalize your m-file to the composite Simpson's rule and test it on the integral 1 0 6x5 dx = 1, and show that as you double n = 2, 4, 8, the error goes to zero at a rate 4 as h is decreased (i.e., error ch4 , where c is a constant). 3. Apply the code written above to problem A11.14 in the book. Note: Hand in all scripts and results. ...
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