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9/10/07 AEM 240 Consumer Buying Decision Process Purchase decision –who, when? o How to make easier? Sales? Teams? o Who really influences Marketers change attitudes in 3 ways Change beliefs about extent to which attribute is present Add new attributes Change perceived importance of attribute Steps in changing attitudes probability of success Presentation of message .5 Attention (recall) .3 Comprehension of conclusion .5 Yielding to the conclusion .4 Retention to belief .5 Behavior change .5 Psychological Needs and motives, maslow, attitudes Socio-cultural Family, social class, subcultures, values, opinion leaders 10% of population is
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Unformatted text preview: categorized as opinion leaders Word of mouth (WOM)-there are even word of mouth marketing agencies (ex. WOMA- Word of mouth marketing association) A bzzagent receives the product, makes an opinion, and then spreads the buzz (files a report online) and tells ppl the agent knows about the product Agents do this because they get free products and bzz points to be redeemed form usic, movies, etc. 50-25% of all products used is involved in WOM...
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