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Political Science Lecture Bureaucratic rule : the control of public policy by career bureaucrats- a kind of bureaucratic elitism. Wealth a. What constitutes wealth in a society? -education (enhances society’s ability to increase production) -natural resources -government infrastructure -existing wealth _____________________________________________________________________________ _ Foundation of our government is British based Political Culture : Political culture refers to the politically relevant ideas and social practices characteristic of a society. For example, habits of action, norms of conduct, religious feelings, symbols of good and evil, family and child-rearing practices. Political Socialization : The training of people in the ways of thinking feeling and behaving which are characteristic of a political culture. Tragedy of commons - everyone wanted more until the resources were exhausted. Prisoner’s Dilemma - holding out or confessing, which one will be more advantageous based upon what the other person does. Generally if both people work together they will be better off than if they act only in their self interest. Cooperate Defect 2 2 4 1 1 4 3 3
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Preference Structure (of player 1): DC>CC>DD>CD Pareto Optimal is the most efficient outcome, that is the outcome in which there is no waste of benefits (no piece of the pie is thrown out) Dominant Strategy is the strategy that is individually rational, here Waiting is the optimal strategy because it is a best response to whatever the other player does Nash Equilibrium: both players are playing best responses and neither has an incentive to unilaterally defect from the strategy (here if either player defects by leading that player’s payoff will be reduced from 2 to 1) _____________________________________________________________________________ _ Democracy : political system, regular elections exist in which 2 or more competing groups or individuals contend for control of government. -A reasonable percentage of adults are eligible to vote in elections.
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PoliLecture - Political Science Lecture Bureaucratic rule...

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