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Bio notes 8-27

Bio notes 8-27 - “essential” for the pathways observed...

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-Genes control very specific steps in complex pathways -No “gene” for cancer -Neurospora crassa- mold (example for today) -As geneticists we can only study mutations in genes (seen through phenotypes) -Gene- sequence of nucleotides -To study pathways, mutations were introduced into genes that were “essential” for the pathway, and they observed the result. 1) Overview of Pathways: A) Genes control very specific steps, called pathways i) Originally based on experiments with Neurospora crassa (1) To study pathways, mutations were introduced into genes that were
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Unformatted text preview: “essential” for the pathways, observed results. B) Components of a step in a genetic pathway: i) Precursor (substrate) ii) Gene product (enzyme) iii) Reaction product (pathway intermediates are also precursors for the next step in the pathway C) Genetic Block i) Serves to stop conversion of I to II (See Picture in Notes) 2) Underlying evidence A) Wild type- most common phenotype found in nature. B) Beadle and Tatum mutated Neurospora with inoculations of various diets (media), then radiation...
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