Unit 1 Individual Project(11-21-07)

Unit 1 Individual Project(11-21-07) - Mundelein, IL...

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Mundelein, IL Mundelein is located in Central Lake County, Illinois, 35 miles Northwest of downtown Chicago, five miles west of Interstate 94 and 20 miles north of O'Hare airport. Mundelein is served by four major State Highways: Route 60, Route 45, Route 176 , and Route 83.
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The Village of Mundelein boasts a long and rich history. It was first inhabited by the Potowatami Indians. As early as 1650, these native Americans were trading with the French fur traders. Nearly two centuries later, the first settlers moved into the area now known as Mundelein. The first known settler was Peter Shaddle, who built a log cabin on what is now the grounds of St. Mary of the Lake Seminary in 1835. A group of English emigrants came to the area to escape the industrial depression occurring in England. These tradesmen became farmers and named their new community "Mechanics Grove" after the life they left behind. They built churches and schools, and expanded the settlement to the Diamond Lake area. During this expansion, a man by the name of John Holcomb purchased a great deal of land in the area, and became active in the leadership of the rapid development of the area. In his honor, the unincorporated community changed its name to "Holcomb." The area of "Holcomb" continued to grow, and gained a railroad station and a post office. In February, 1909, the Holcomb area incorporated under the name of "Rockefeller" in honor of railroad magnate John D. Rockefeller. Rumor has it that Mr. Rockefeller himself stopped the train on its way through town, and took a brief look
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Unit 1 Individual Project(11-21-07) - Mundelein, IL...

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