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Kiersten swayne extracredit

Kiersten swayne extracredit - In the origin of new species...

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In the origin of new species overpopulation plays a major role. Darwin says that natural populations have an innate tendency to overpopulate. When areas become overpopulated it impossible for evolution to occur. Overpopulation according to Darwin is when there are certain limiting factors in an area that acts as a habitat for a population. These limiting factors might include food, mating partners, space. With the lack of these key factors in an environment populations must fight over these resources in order to survive. Darwin says that the population that is unable to fight and gain these resources will become extinct leaving behind stronger individuals to reproduce. And once these individuals reproduce their offspring will have the same characteristics that allowed their parents to survive and of that group those that still have undesired traits will not reproduce also leaving behind traits that are not needed. Variation is also important; variation in phenotypes is necessary for the evolution of a population.
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