02 18 08 - Cranial Nerves and Sensory NS-1

02 18 08 - Cranial Nerves and Sensory NS-1 - 02/15/08...

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02/15/08 – Cranial Nerves and The Sensory Nervous System Chapter 13: The Cranial Nerves - Cranial nerves are PNS components that connect directly to the brain rather than to the spinal cord - Each cranial nerve attaches to the brain near the associated sensory or motor nuclei o The sensory nuclei act as switching centers Postsynaptic neurons relaying the information to other nuclei or to processing centers in the cerebral cortex Motor nuclei receive convergent inputs from higher centers or from other nuclei along the brain stem I. General Anatomy and Function A. 12 pairs containing sensory, motor, or both types of neurons (1-3 based on primary function) 1. Special sensory nerves carry the sensations of smell, sight, hearing, or balance 2. Motor nerves are dominated by the axons of somatic motor neurons 3. Mixed nerves have a mixed of sensory and motor fibers 4. The olfactory receptors, the visual receptors and the receptors for the inner ear are innervated by cranial nerves that are dedicated almost entirely to special sensory info 5. Nerve with tens of thousands of motor fibers that lead to a skeletal muscle will also contain sensory fibers from muscle spindles and tendon organs in that muscle B. Mostly somatic neurons innervating skeletal muscle of the head and neck, skin, and bones C. III,VII,IX,X distribute autonomic fibers to peripheral ganglia D. Some visceral in the form of the parasympathetic NS 1. III, VII, IX - innervate glands in the head 2. X - innervates most structures of the abdomen II. You are responsible for knowing the names, numbers, primary function, and innervations of each cranial nerve found in Table 13-9 on p. 369 (the same info is displayed visually on p.
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02 18 08 - Cranial Nerves and Sensory NS-1 - 02/15/08...

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