01 14 08 - Histology and Bone I

01 14 08 - Histology and Bone I - 01/14/08 The...

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01/14/08 – The integumentary system (continuted) and the Skeletal System I Integumentary System (continued from 1/11/08) C. Structure: the epidermis 1. Most cells are Keratinocytes a. Mouth no keratin not as tough b. Langerhans’ fights foreign invaders c. 2. Layers: a. Stratum germinativum – contains stem cells (basal cells) and some Merkel cells (touch receptors) i. Epidermal ridges in this layer increase contact between the dermis and the epidermis b. Stratum spinosum – may continue to divide; form cell-to-cell connections c. Stratum granulosum – cells pack full of keratin and keratohyaline granules; many die d. Stratum lucidum – only present in hands and feet; extra layer for tougher skin e. Stratum corneum – the tough outer layer; many dead cells packed together 3. Melanocytes a. Present in the s. germinativum one of the most important in skin, protet from UV light by producing melanin granules umbrella shape protects b. Produce melanosome – melanin-packed vesicles that leave the melanocyte and are picked up by keratinocytes for UV protection c. Long cellular processes that stick out d. Produce melanin D. Structure: the dermis 1. Papillary layer – loose areolar connective tissue a. Bumpy layer b. All over body bc eqidermis lack blood vessels brings blood vessels closer to area c. Connective tissue, highly vascular, loose areolar tissue 2. Reticular layer – dense irregular connective tissue recording a. Deeper b. Resist pull and tension in any direction i. Bumpy shape (papilla) ii. Gives rise to finger prints E. Structure: the subcutaneous layer (hypodermis) a. Bottom most layer
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01 14 08 - Histology and Bone I - 01/14/08 The...

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