01 28 08 - Muscular System III

01 28 08 - Muscular System III - Muscular System III...

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01/28/08 – Muscular System III Chapter 9: Muscle Tissue: Tension and Energy Use -3 different types/sources of ATP - CP powers the mucles cells for another 15 seconds Glycogen 130 seconds, the remainder of the time that energy is needed III. Energy Use and Muscular Activity (Continued from 01/25/08) D. Fatigue- inability to maintain contraction Contraction influx of Na which stimulates muscles over time it builds up too much and muscle fatigue sets in 1. Results from depletion of glucose a. 2. Results from a decline in pH (build up of lactic acid) a. Accompanies glycolysis, from the generation of lactic acid and accumulates in muscles 3. Disruption of membrane potentials = ions not properly distributed across the sarcolemma a. 4. Cellular damage a. When use the muscles cells they wear out faster, it they are not able to recover with in mins the fatigue can take days to repair (long term) i. Recovery removal of lactic and ATP regeneration called oxygen debt(the amount of energy debt that has been depleted has to be restored) 5. Mental fatigue a. Have to want to move muscles in order to move them E. Recovery 1. Removal of Lactic acid = restoration of pH 2. Oxygen debt - much oxygen is required to re-establish stores of glucose as glycogen or fats
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01 28 08 - Muscular System III - Muscular System III...

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