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AEM 240 8/24 Overview M,W,F10:10am-11am Instructor: Edward McLaughlin - Course Administrator: Vicki Parker - TA’s: Miles Amy Course Materials Marketing- The Core (2 nd edition) Grading Exams (30% each (3 prelims- all Thursday nights (9/20 10/18 11/15)) Viewpoints (10%) (6 view points (max 10 points (unless viewpoints have excellent answer (extra 2 points)) 2 points per vp) CAN MISS 1 VIEWPOINT) Optional Activities: Market Research credit- (periodic opportunities (1 hour or less), 1 point each time- max 3 points ) Marketing Idea Derby-
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Unformatted text preview: Notes What is marketing- a scam? Proposition: Marketing starts with the market and that means consumers and this is the hard part because they never stop changing Marketing starts with economics but goes beyond economics. Economics teaches us that as prices go up, the quantities purchased go down, yet marketers can provide long lists of exceptions to this core theory. Four Ps Product Price Place Promotion-Learn about economic implications of the 4ps, the changes in marketing throughout history, the ethics of marketing...
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