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Bio notes 8-29

Bio notes 8-29 - italics(ii Mendel used capital and...

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Mendelian Genetics I Mendel’s Experiment -worked for two years with pea plants crossing, creating hybrids A Started with a True breeding line- can produce only one gamete type (use in simulator) 1) P (parental) generation 2) Parental phenotype B Procedure 1) Looked at different traits (i) Ex. Texture, color, height 2) Bred true breeding lines (Cross) (i) Haploid gamete contains a complete genome, contains only one copy of that genome (ii) Chose traits that he could recover in the next generation C Observation 1) Observed phenotypes of resulting plants (i) When talking about genotypes use italics
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Unformatted text preview: italics (ii) Mendel used capital and lowercase letters -Punnett squares dont fully represent outcomes -From hw Print out Fig. 11.12a and 11.12b. Examine Fig. 11.12b and put a box around each homozygous individual in the F2 generation. Top left, bottom right, middle two, diagonal line from left to right will be true breeding How many different types of gametes can be formed by individuals of the following genotypes: (a) AaBb (b) AaBB (c) AaBbCc (d) AaBBcc (e) AaBbcc (f) AaBbCcDdEe ? 2^n n= # of heterozygous pairs a) 4 b) 2 c) 8 d) 2 e) 4 f) 32...
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