Lecture Three 9-5-07

Lecture Three 9-5-07 - The Pentateuch Introduction to...

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The Pentateuch: Introduction to Scholarship I. Pre-Modern Scholarship A. The TANAK in Judaism 1. The Importance of Scripture a. Largely focused on sacrifices and prayers b. Jewish uprising over Palestine (66-70 CE) 70 C.E. Romans destroyed temple in Jerusalem- Judaism changed its focus from sacrifice to sacred tradition found in written scripture Temple was never rebuilt, no return to sacrificial system c. 100 years after these events most Jews agreed on the books in the TANAK d. Eventually canon formed. 2. Occasional Critical Observations a. Traditional thought- Moses wrote the Pentateuch. Moses doesn’t claim to have written it. b. What Moses Could Not Have Written i. In Deuteronomy Ch. 34, “No one knows where Moses was buried” c. What Moses Would Not Have Written a. Numbers 12:3 B. The Old Testament in Christianity 1. Early Christological Interpretations a. Christianity based solely on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus’ followers believe he was the messiah, Jews disagree. Disputes had to do with passages of scripture. Had to do with messianic interpretations of certain passages of the Hebrew bible. Isaiah 53- Jews say never mentions “messiah”. a.
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Lecture Three 9-5-07 - The Pentateuch Introduction to...

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