The Primeval History notes 9-10

The Primeval History notes 9-10 - The Primeval History I...

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The Primeval History I. Review A. Content of Genesis 1-11 B. Primeval History- comes from the latin meaning “the first age”, used for any set of stories or myths about the beginning of the world C. Sources 1. There are many accounts a. Greek mythology b. Roman myths c. Egyptian myths II. Overview A. Questions being asked and answered in ANE primeval histories 1. How did this world come into being? 2. How did we come to be here? 3. What are we doing here? 4. Why is the world the way it is? 5. Why is there pain and misery, disease, natural disaster, war? 6. Why are humans the way they are? 7. How did the human race begin? 8. Why are there two different kinds of human? 9. Why is life so difficult? 10. Why do we die? B. Definition and Description of Myth 1. Myths help people understand how the world came into existence and how we came to be here. 2. Def= Myth- A story about the gods (or about God) and their activities, that try to make sense of the world and our place in it. 3. Common to nearly all religions and all peoples 4. Not susceptible of scientific proof or historical experience. No way to prove or disprove 5. The truth claims of myth are not subject to verification or dis-verification. 6. Rooted in beliefs about the world. 7. This doesn’t mean that they are therefore false. Try to convey truths. Myths are not scientific or historical documents. Religious literature. III. Primeval Stories as Myth
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The Primeval History notes 9-10 - The Primeval History I...

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