The Text and Canon of Scripture 12-3

The Text and Canon of Scripture 12-3 - The Text and Canon...

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I. The Ongoing History of Israel a. Daniel-last book of Hebrew bible written- partially in Hebrew, Aramaic b. Maccabean Revolt (167 BCE) i. Resisted Antiochus IV Epiphanes’ orders, revolt led by Judas Maccabeus (“The Hammerer”) ii. Many Jews believed it was a good idea to modernize- Greek iii. Succeeded in driving Syrians out of Palestine iv. Judah hadn’t governed itself for centuries- centuries of control by other empires- Stayed in control for ~1 century until Roman conquest c. Roman Conquest (66 BCE) i. Under General Pompeii ii. Conquered Judea and included into Roman empire d. Jewish Uprisings (66-70 CE; 132-35 CE) i. Local uprisings- only in Judea ii. Failed, leaders slaughtered, new leadership put in place iii. Two attempts by Jews to overthrow Roman occupation 1. Occurred after Hebrew Bible, period of New Testament, Jews tried to drive Romans out- 3.5 year war, 70 CE* Romans breached Jerusalem’s walls and destroyed city and burned Temple (2 nd ) 2. Romans made it illegal for Jews to set foot in Jerusalem (135 CE) iv. Jesus born under Roman occupation of Palestine II. The Fate of the Jewish Scriptures a. The Canon i. “Canon”- “Measuring rod”. A canon is a standard by which all things are judged. ii. Formation of the Jewish Canon of Scripture 1. Pentateuch by time of Ezra (5 th c. BCE)? 2. Prophets by 2 nd c. BCE? a. Former and latter 3. Writings by 2 nd c. CE? a. Most Jews around the world agreed upon the canon b. The Text i. Impossibility of establishing an original text 1. Scholars are virtually unified in thinking- it is impossible to know whether we have the original wording of any of the books of the Hebrew Bible 2. Scribes copied the texts and passed them along 3. Jews had very tight controls on the copying (Middle Ages) 4. Until 15
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The Text and Canon of Scripture 12-3 - The Text and Canon...

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