AEM 240 8.31 - dominating) Dogs (might want to get rid of)...

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8/31/07 AEM 240 ES-CS Linkages at Supermarket X o Employee satisfaction Customer satisfaction Store performance o Linkages to customer satisfaction: Customer Service 32% Value 36% Quality 32% Overall ES influences CS with Service : a one point increase (decrease) in overall ES (Employy Satisfaction) results in a .1 increase (or decrease) in Customer Satisfaction (CS) with Service Factor Overall ES does not affect CS with either the Quality and Value Factorsv Setting Marketing and Corporate Strategic Directions Where are we now? o Customers o Competencies Competitive advantage o Competitors Where do we want to go? o BCG Matrix BCG is a very famous consulting firm in boston w. offices around the world and they developed the bcg matrix technique decades ago, is one of the most often used and easiest to understand marketing tool Stars Stars Question Mark (needs investment) Cash Cow (dont need to invest a lot in this product, already
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Unformatted text preview: dominating) Dogs (might want to get rid of) Market Growth Rate (High/Low on left side) more than 8-10% is high Relative Market Share (High/Low on bottom) o Market Product Analysis 4 market-product strategies to expand revenue for a product/service Market Penetration: Sell more good in same market (same market, same product) Product Development: Sell new product in same market Market development: Different product in same market Diversification: Different good in a different market Market Environmental factors Social o Demographics (population, generation, ethnicity, income, gender) and culture People are fat! Go to blackboard for notes below Golden rules for marketing to the generations Golden rule 1 o Traditionalists (value money, brand loyalty, respect tradition) o Baby boomers (value status o-o Golden Rule 2 o Must break down Golden Rule 3 o Make emotional connections to each generation...
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AEM 240 8.31 - dominating) Dogs (might want to get rid of)...

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