Chapters 1-4 Psychology Glossary

Chapters 1-4 Psychology Glossary - Behaviorism...

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Behaviorism field of psychology that Biopsychologist specialist who tries to ex system, the effects of dr Clinical psychologist someone with an advan problems Clinical social worker person with a degree in those of a clinical psych Cognition processes of thinking, g Cognitive psychologist specialist who studies th Comparative psychologist specialist who compares Counseling psychologist someone trained to help Cross-cultural psychologist a psychologist who com Determinism assumption that all beha Developmental psychologist specialist who studies th Dualism view that the mind is sep Ergonomist psychologist with engine efficiently and as safely Evolutionary psychologist one who tries to explain favored a tendency to a Forensic psychologist one who provides advic Free will doctrine that behavior is Functionalism attempt to understand h Industrial/organizational (I/O) psychology psychological study of p Introspection looking within oneself Learning and motivation study of how behavior d Mind-brain problem philosophical question o Monism view that consciousness Nature-nurture issue question of the relative r Psychiatry branch of medicine that Psychoanalyst psychotherapist who rel Psychology systematic study of beh Psychophysical function mathematical descriptio School psychologist specialist in the psychol Social psychologist psychologist who studie Structuralism attempt to describe the
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range within which the t Blind observer observer who can record data wit Burden of proof obligation to present evi Case history thorough description of Control group group treated in the sam Convenience sample group chosen because o Correlation measure of the relations Correlation coefficient mathematical estimate o relationship) to -1 (perfe Correlational study procedure in which inve Cross-cultural samples groups of people from a Deduction process of deriving a co Demand characteristics cues that tell a subject w Dependent variable item that an experiment Descriptive statistics mathematical summarie Double-blind study study in which neither th Experimental group group that receives the Experimenter bias tendency of an experime the outcome of the stud Experiments studies in which the inve Extrasensory perception (ESP) alleged ability of certain energy Falsifiable making sufficiently preci obtained such evidence Hypothesis clear predictive stateme Illusory correlation apparent relationship ba Independent variable in an experiment the item Induction process of inferring a ge Inferential statistics statements about large Informed consent subject’s agreement to t Mean sum of all the scores rep Median middle score in a list of Meta-analysis method of taking the res determining the overall a Mode score that occurs most f Naturalistic observation careful examination of w Normal distribution (or normal curve) symmetrical frequency o Operational definition definition that specifies t value Parsimony (literally, stinginess) scie Placebo inactive pill that has no k
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Chapters 1-4 Psychology Glossary - Behaviorism...

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