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AEM 240 9.3 - and groups o They serve as guidelines in how...

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9/3/07 AEM 240 Biggest occupation= Teachers i-banking has long hours avg. commute time is 30 minutes Marketing Environmental factors Not Competitive: o Social o Economic o Regulatory o Competitive Forms of competition- consolidation o Concentration means fewer and fewer firms controlling a greater and greater share of the industry Airline Industry Current status-huge structural shift as a function of low price Reasons: o Young fleet, less maintenance o Younger labor, flexible contracts o One airplane model o Internet access to info o No food/service o Most flights late anyway Technological Factors Ethics Ethics are the moral principles and values that govern the actions of individuals
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Unformatted text preview: and groups o They serve as guidelines in how to behave when faced with certain dilemmas Ethical Ethical but illegal Ethical but legal Unethical Unethical and illegal Unethical but legal Illegal Legal o Tobacco companies are losing money in the US so they go to different markets and are making money in developing countries Framework for understanding ethical .behavior. • Societal culture and norms business culture and industry practices corporate culture and expectations --- Personal moral philosophy and ethical behavior...
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