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9/3/07 AEM 240 Biggest occupation= Teachers i-banking has long hours avg. commute time is 30 minutes Marketing Environmental factors Not Competitive: o Social o Economic o Regulatory o Competitive Forms of competition- consolidation o Concentration means fewer and fewer firms controlling a greater and greater share of the industry Airline Industry Current status-huge structural shift as a function of low price Reasons: o Young fleet, less maintenance o Younger labor, flexible contracts o One airplane model o Internet access to info o No food/service o Most flights late anyway Technological Factors Ethics Ethics are the moral principles and values that govern the actions of individuals
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Unformatted text preview: and groups o They serve as guidelines in how to behave when faced with certain dilemmas Ethical Ethical but illegal Ethical but legal Unethical Unethical and illegal Unethical but legal Illegal Legal o Tobacco companies are losing money in the US so they go to different markets and are making money in developing countries Framework for understanding ethical .behavior. Societal culture and norms business culture and industry practices corporate culture and expectations --- Personal moral philosophy and ethical behavior...
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