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Post Midterm Notes - 10-9-97 Social institutions are just...

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10-9-97 Social institutions are just social institutions—they are not inherently discriminatory; however they do tend to discriminate over time Stratification – structural inequality Social Institutions : All are interconnected; Conservative (in a sense as slow to change) Economy Legal/Judicial Family Education How do we know here is institutionalized racism? We do not ask people We use proxy measures (multiple) Who has the “good life”? House ownership, education, health, money job Take rates of these—Do the results differ by race? Over the last 50 years proxy measures DO differ among races What goes into income? Possibly more than one income Educational level Family o Intermarriage o Very limited, even now o Includes racial and ethnic intermarriage o As of 2004, 3.65% of married couples were interracial o The ultimate assimilation is marriage across groups at a very high rate because eventually this will make race/ethnic groups void o **Two things US did to prevent intermarriage: Endogamy – marriage by norms; used legal system to prevent intermarriage Antimesigination laws came off books in 1967 (Alabama did not literally take antimesigination laws off books until 2000) o Most common intermarriage is among whites and blacks; particularly black men and white women o Increase in intermarriage has increased due to immigration, inter-group contact, and being required not to discriminate in jobs/professions o Characteristics of interracial marriages: White person with non-white spouse most typical Intermarriage between minorities is infrequent Whites and blacks have lowest intermarriage rates of others
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Multiracial people are more likely to be in mixed marriages US born Asians and Hispanics and foreign born whites and blacks are more likely to intermarry due to different cultural backgrounds Interracial marriage rate is inversely related to size of a group; specifically smaller groups means more likely to intermarry which means whites would be least likely Some has to do with just numbers Sex-ratio affects marriage and intermarriage rates Number of males to females 104 to 100 respectively By time infants reach one year old there are more girl babies than boys because boys have higher infant death rates o By time of marriage age (25 female and 27 male) potential people to marry differs dramatically especially in African Americans (more females than males) o More African American men unavailable than other men of different racial/ethnic groups (prison, college) o Social forces drive our decisions o Government encourages legal marriage through tax breaks, etc. o Asian women are much more likely to intermarry than Asian men – war brides? o
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Post Midterm Notes - 10-9-97 Social institutions are just...

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